Sunday, February 23, 2014

Car - Rental business Lately ,

Car - Rental business Lately , World transport business in Indonesia is getting better , better public transportation and rental services inJOKIBET.COM Agen Casino Online Terpercaya the field of transportation . Masarakat vehicle needs will increasingly rising , they want things practical and easy . So they chose wheeled vehicle to transport all members of his family or in a vehicle . But not everyone in Indonesia have had a car , opportunities now is used as the businessman to open a car rental business .
Car rental business typically set the rent on a daily basis . Can per 6 hours , 8 hours 12 hours , or up to 24 hours at a rate different - different . Tenants are not responsible for car maintenance , but the rental fee to be paid does not include the cost of fuel and the cost of driver services . If you want the services of a driver , car rental services usually also provide chauffeur services and must pay an additional fee . Because employers usually have a network of car rental with driver - a driver that is in place if needed .
Besides kuntunganya large , this business has a high risk . There is often a person who is not responsible , accidentally carried off a rental car to be sold to another party . Not to mention in the

event of an accident , the employer also must spend a budget for repairs . For those of you interested in this business opportunity , do not be afraid of the risks.
How to Minimize Risks In Car Rental Business

Choose a place or a strategic location
Understand consumer tastes , tenants usually prefer a car with a car loaded with many
Choose a car that small operational costs , the price of spare parts are relatively inexpensive and low maintenance costs . This will save you operating costs
Take advantage of car insurance to protect you from the risks
Administrative management clear and complete , so that the customers personal data can be viewed and tracked in the event something unexpected
In cooperation with the workshop or mechanic subscriptions , repair or maintenance for your car . In order to obtain a cheaper price
Optimizing promotion through brochures , classified ads , online, and installation of banners
If the services of a driver , choose a good driver ( not reckless - oats ) and have knowledge of the road and the engine . In addition to your car will be well maintained , consumers will also be comfortable and happy
If your business has grown , then add more stock of your car . You can find additional capital to add to your car or just invite your friends who have a car to work
Look for the consumers of the company or agency , to be used as a regular customer who always wear your car rental services .
Good luck with the car rental business , simple tips Bandar Terbesar Situs Togel Online Terpercayaabove may help you who are destitute want to entrepreneurship and open a car rental business . In business services , business of all time . Always successful greetings for your car rental business you .

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