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then prepare a nest or fibers in the enclosure

then prepare a nest or fibers in the enclosure for cattle size is not so important issue is not too small for the space for the birds, in the afternoon when it mate unite male and female canaries and save the most good stuck on the wall,DAUNPOKER.NET AGEN POKER DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERBAIK TERBESAR DAN TERPERCAYA
Sometimes we can not wait to see and observe birds, KN which will soon spawn him haul fiber overfeed females and males, if the cage is already a dab neat round shape no longer spawn the process of pairing females 5 days to 10 days bertelor birds and birds counted from the first day bertelor the male should be separated when the egg is 1 or 3 and keep separate krodong his manly that not only memangil2 females and vice versa, and it's also how the character of the bird KN can be separated or on leave, my experience in the united puppies died because trampled breeders and male .
and the eggs hatch in 14 days erami eg 1st first egg out of date 14-15 eggs hatch and the following day her if there are late hatching wrote overlay can use a flashlight or glow when black let it go ahead if it was not clear in buahi throw it, and provide nutrients and vitamins to the breeders to stay fit and healthy puppies, in the age of 5-7 days can wear the ring as a sign of hehehee rancher

if it fails try again and make a lesson, but in fact success is NOT HIS!!
usually 28-30 days after seedling can be separated from the parent and the parent can be farmed again ..
good luck and good luck berexperime key to success is patience and do not forget to pray first in menernak bird ..

Having seen both the walnut pillars, we must pay attention to the content of the female's nest. Take a dirty nest and replace with a clean slate. And we save some of the contents nest at the base of the cage, because the content is usually nest in the bottom of the cage will be moved back into the nest. To spruce up the nest to make it look beautiful, usually walnuts finely plucked females like males walnuts or walnut fuzz from the female's own. If in the existing nest fluff, then sign soon will bertelor female parent. To speed up the process and reduce the risk of injury bertelor because fluff plucked, we can enter into a cage of fine cotton as a substitute to taste the fuzz.

Similarly, success tips and how livestock farming walnuts that I can give to the novice breeder who stopped by this blog. Hope it can enhance the success of a walnut farm for all of you who intend to become a hobby and a reliable breeder canary. Other breeders, the other way. Do not be discouraged if you fail a walnut farm. Because of the failures we can learn and gain the experience. Remember, patience will bear fruit is sweet. No exception to the cultivation of a canary bird kenari.TIPS CATTLE FOR BEGINNERS

In breeding canaries there are several factors that must be considered is the age of walnuts, gender, means of supporting livestock and animal science. Agen Judi Bola Resmi Taruhan Judi online Terpercaya


Age be the determining factor in the success or failure of breeding canaries, age is not the best in the breeding too young or not too old. Walnut ready cattle for a minimum of 6 months and 8 months female canary for the canary males, but to a large walnut and its derivatives such as Yorkshire lust a little slow at least 1 year of age.


You as a breeder must master traits canary male or female, in determining the sex of walnuts is quite difficult for beginners but for senior hobis very easy to specify them enough notice of posture canary although in certain cases there is a walnut Sometimes very difficult to determine the type of sex.
The main characteristics:

1. Walnuts male young age ± 1.5 months of age or older have started to learn the sound / ngriwik.
2. Ukuan body / body tends to lean males (lengthwise), neck rather long, if the female body looks somewhat rounded.
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3. Anus males when viewed (by the way that the feather blown around not blocking) stand upright / vertical, if the female reverse / horizontal.
4. The adult males rang loud and ngeroll.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sumberr organic fertilizer and mineral content

Sumberr organic fertilizer and mineral content of each type of fertilizer tersebut.Sebelum fertilized, cleaned up around the plants first and then made a trench encircling the plant canopy width 2-10 cm deep. fertilizer sown in it and then closed again.

Sela Plant Pananaman
In the vegetative phase, ie since the nutmeg seed is planted until the plants begin to learn to bear fruit, then among the nutmeg plants still loose. If the land is in a well-made beds and beds for crops planted between, for example, plant beans or vegetables.
Once the plants begin to learn to bear fruit nutmeg, tanamana sidelines can be replaced with ground cover plants or lawn. Useful ground cover to maintain soil moisture, improve soil structure, suppress weed growth, and prevent soil erosion around the plant.

PALA Plant Pests and Diseases

Betklik99 Agen Bola Terpercaya Piala Dunia 2014 A. Pests
Important pests often attack plants which are swbagai nutmeg follows.
1. Borer Stem (Batocera spp.)
Stem borer attack symptoms are hoist on a rod with a diameter of ½ -2 cm, and there was a hole hoist sawdust. As a result of these pests in a long time can kill plants.
Control of stem borer can be done by closing the hole with a wooden hoist, thus injecting poison into the systemic trunk, make indentations in the hole and kill hamanya hoist.
2. Termites
Termite infestation is common in gardens that are less clean than shrubs and tree stumps. Termites usually strikes the bottom of the plant, starting from the root and stem to the inside of the trunk, so that all parts of the stem affected.
Special sign of termite attack is the black spot on the surface of the rod. If bercah black shelled, then invisible nest along the channel created by termites in it. Finally stems heavily infected plants will die.
Termite control can be done by spraying the insecticide solution two times a year. Spraying aimed at the ground and around the stem to prevent termites rise to the upper part of the stem.
3. Beetles (areoceum foriculatus)
This pest attacks the nutmeg seed that has fallen. Imago broaching seeds, then lay eggs in it. In these seeds, the eggs will develop into a larva that can broaching whole nutmeg.
Beetle pest control can be done by picking the nutmeg fruit is attacked, then the nutmeg fruit or dried immediately.
B. Disease
The main diseases that are often detrimental to the plant are as follows pal.
1. Dried Fruit Rot
The cause of the disease is the dried fruit rot fungi (mushrooms) Siigmina myristicae (Stein) Mand. Sum Et Rifai. Symptoms that can
SARANAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA be observed visually is the fruit of initially infected are small round patches of diameter less than 0.3 cm, or brown precipitate (concave).
The patches will continue to extend reach of approximately 2.5 cm. On the surface spotting, mildew will form a greenish-black mass. Finally spotting will dry up and become hard, so broken and fallen fruit.
Dried fruit rot disease control can be accomplished by reducing the moisture to hold pembabatam weeds and garden sanitation, burning the remains of diseased plants, and spraying fungicide Dithame M-45 concentration of 0.2%.
2. Rotten Fruit Wet
The cause fruit rot disease adalahcendawan wet (mildew) Colletotrichum gloeosporioides Penz. Symptoms that can be observed is the base of the thigh infected fruit are brown splotches. The development spots quickly, so in a few days reached 2.5 cm in diameter. The inside of the fruit pulp becomes damaged, soft, and watery kebasah-basahan. Fruit is easy to fall ill and become brown like it had been boiled.
Wet fruit rot disease control can be done by way of maintaining hygiene (sanitation) garden, prune infested fruit weight, and spray the plants
JOKIBET.COM Agen Casino Online Terpercaya with fungicides during the rainy season, among others, with Dithane M-45 concentration of 0.2%.

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Dheryihii ka kooban miraha tulips waxaa jira

Dheryihii ka kooban miraha tulips waxaa jira oo aan ka baxsan guriga (laga jaray), ka dib markii dhowr sentimitir koraya, ayaan galaan guriga (qol qabow jiro daaqad weyn), heerkulka qolka agagaarka 18-20 digrii C. wacnaan koraan loh dhakhso, waxaa laga yaabaa tulips ah u maleynayaa in lagu a heerkulka diiran guga. Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Uang Asli Indonesia     Ubax hore u koray in aan loo oggolaan in heerkulka laga jaray, sababtoo ah dhulka waa sidaas oo kale waa sii qallafiyey, waxa uu dhaawici karaa xididdada ubax ah.
Waa inaad taxadar in aadan ku qalalaan dalka, tulipnya toddobaadkii ama marka loo baahdo mar nadiifino. Ha heli dhoobo maxaa yeelay miraha waa qudhmi karo.
Sababtoo ah oo dhexe Winter ubax Seed buuxineeysaa Dheriga si aan u koraan Qaar ka mid ah Place Dibadda cm
Ilaa hadda waxaa jira 4 ashuun tulips in meel ka baxsan yihiin, waan sugi ilaa iyo inta uu ku koraa dhowr sentimitir, waxaa lagu dhigi doonaa guriga.Barafka dabaysha baalasheeda balakoonka lahaa 10 cm. Photos of ubax Still Xuquuqda labada dheriyo meel ka baxsan, Sidee XaaladdaLaba ubax Waxaa Grow Weelasha Seed dhowr sentimitir. Weelasha buuxsamay ES dhagaxyada ah. January 18, 2013
Haddii ciidda engejiyaa sabab u tahay heerkulka qabow, abuurku si fiican uma koraan karo. Ka dib markii dhawr sentimitir koraya, oo waxaan gelin Dheriga ah ee guriga, qolka waxaa jira waa daaqad weyn si iftiinka qoraxda iftiimin kara qolka. Heer kulka qolka waa 20 darajo oo C. saddex maalmood tulipnya geedo koraan Ka dib markii si degdeg ah, sawirka hoos ku qoran:

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Nella Nella Silaen Silaen Judi Poker Online dan Domino Kiu Kiu Uang Asli Indonesia January 23, 2013 in >> My Garden. Tags: abuurka ubax, nalalka ubax, Sidee si ay u koraan tulips, habka daaweynta tulips, beer ka hiwaayad, beer ka guriga, ay dibedda, tulips cagaaranRelated postsRear balakon indhaha ku on subax qabowUpdate Gardens SayurankuView The Rear balakon. Aja subax kulaylka pool sudaha runtii halkanGarcin Summer Ngapain?Ma rabtaa abuurka ubax Azalea nanam, Cornesh, vayrasBalakon Home Start GreeningJump to article← Seed Horumarinta TulipkuEstella hubkaa →77 afkaar on "Talooyin Xeebeedka ubax"

December 17, 2013 at 1:49 pm

Afjaro dibnaha dr DPT sy cusub Netherlands, sy abuurka oo diyaar sare ee, ka socday on Taro dheriga, warbaahinta siii ciidda cm, ash iyo bacriminta. Waxaad ku mahadsan tihiin
December 17, 2013 at 7:02 pm Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia         Hi Ejuna, tulipnya abuurka ah ee "daaweyn qabow" ka hor inta ya badbaadin dikulkas cusub ee beeray 3-4 bilood, maxaa yeelay, 4 xilli laga gudbayo si uu ku qaboojiyo heerkulka si ay u koraan sanadka soo socda marka guga cusub.

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Breech hibiscus (Hibiscus schizopetalus (Mast.) Hook. F.) Family

Breech hibiscus (Hibiscus schizopetalus (Mast.) Hook. F.) Family: Myrtaceae Hibiscus Hibiscus rosa excluding Breech-Sinensis, due to various differences in the shape of flowers and leaves. This plant is commonly grown as an ornamental plant in the garden, or as a hedge plant in ... Read more →Posted in articles, news, info, information, health, Agen Casino Onlinenews, medicinal plants, general | Tags article breech hibiscus plants, hibiscus cultivation of breech, how to mix the herbs hibiscus breech, how to mix breech hibiscus plants, how to mix herbs breech hibiscus, hibiscus description breech, breech hibiscus negative effects, side effects of the use of hibiscus breech, side effects of breech hibiscus plants, hibiscus plants image breech, the chemical content of the breech hibiscus plants, hibiscus plant uses breech, fireworks shoes breech, breech and usefulness hibiscus, hibiscus and benefits breech, breech hibiscus wikipedia, the efficacy of the breech hibiscus plants, hibiscus plant classification breech, breech paper hibiscus plants, hibiscus plants benefit breech, breech benefits of hibiscus plants for health, herbal medicine concocted breech hibiscus, hibiscus plant morphology breech, foreign names breech hibiscus plants, hibiscus plant names breech area, latin name hibiscus plants breech, hibiscus herbal medicine breech, breech hibiscus plants, medicinal plants flower breech shoes, a traditional medicinal plant hibiscus breech, breech hibiscus plants, hibiscus herbs breech | Leave a comment
For orchid plants, you can choose a planting medium such as brick, tile, wood powder, coconut fiber, or charcoal, and a growing medium in pots, so will expedite the process of growing orchids. Prior to planting, orchid seeds need to be selected that have aged one year and planted in plastic pots for 3 months.
As for hibiscus plants, usually grown on open land, because usually high hibiscus can reach 2 to 3 feet, and hibiscus can be planted as vines in your yard fence. For planting hibiscus you need to prepare a fertile soil, and you need to clear the land of rocks and grass growing wild, so it does not interfere with plant growth.

Agen Judi Bola    Once you plant the plants in growing media that you have prepared, then you need to give fertilizer adder nutrients to the plant. For both of these plants can be used manure as by providing goat dung, cattle and horses, and manure will be able to save water especially during the dry season. You can also use chemical fertilizers that contain elements of growth, especially for orchids, namely nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulfur.
Next is the process of watering, to plant flowers both in open fields or in the pot. You need to do a good and regular watering, and not too much because it can damage the plant. You can use a spray to flush, so the water that comes out is not excessive.
Next is the process of maintenance, you should notice is watering and killing pests or weeds by spraying drug on the plant, so the plant hibiscus and orchids can grow beautiful and fresh.
Institutional Extension
Institutional PetaniMedia Planting1) The type of soil is suitable for growing gladiolus is andosol and latosol fertile, friable and contains a lot of organic matter. 2) Plant gladiolus flowers can thrive on land that has a pH of 5.5 to 5.9.
The AltitudeGladiolus plants can grow well at high altitude 500 - 1500 m above sea level and the climate is cool.

Agen Bola TerpercayaSeedlings can be derived from breeding generative, vegetative, and tissue culture. Generally, seedlings derived from vegetative and tissue culture can be learned more quickly in the nursery with the result of a generative way.

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Cause: The fungus Sclerotium rolfsi. Symptoms

: TheNAGALAUT.COM Agen Judi Bola Online Piala Dunia 2014, SBOBET, IBCBET Terbaik dan Terpercaya di Indonesiare are small pimple-colored brown on the diseased plants. Control: diseased cut and discarded. Media around the potted plants and disinfected with a solution of 4% formalin or fungicide / antibiotic Natrippene 0.5% for 1 hour.§ Brown streakSymptoms: brown spots on the leaf surface, then spread to all parts of the plant. Control: get rid of all the affected part, then spray a fungicide / antibiotic Streptomycin or Physan 20.§ soft rot diseaseCause: The bacterium Erwinia carotovora. Symptoms: leaf and root rot and smell. The disease is rapidly expanding, but specifically on the rhizome and stem tubers, spread a little slow. Countermeasures: garden equipment must be sterile, the affected part is cut and discarded. Spray Physan 20, potted plants sprayed with formalin 4%. In addition it can control using fungicides Benlate or Dithane (Santoso, 2006)§ streak ringedCause: TMVO virus (Tobacco Mozaic Virus Odontoglos-sum). Symptoms: raised circle or yellowish stripes on the leaf surface. Control: only with the prevention discard diseased and menstrerilkan all cutting tools.§ Disease CymbidiumCause: cymbidium Mozaic virus. Symptoms: The original form of the yellowish spots appear dead tissue spots, stripes or circles. Special on Cattleya, spotting was brown or black sunken. Sometimes there are symptoms of leaf tissue death in the middle of theKAISARBET.COM AGEN BOLA TERPERCAYA PIALA DUNIA 2014 circled normal tissue. Old leaves showed a lot of dead tissue spots. Control: prevention is merely discard diseased, and sterilize all equipment used.§ black rot diseaseCause: The fungus Phytopytora omnivores. Symptoms appear blackish color on the base of the leaf, then soften and rot, the leaves eventually die. Control: spray a fungicide such as Dithane M-45 Baycor, Benlate, Ferban, Physan, Truban or Banrot. For the form of flour using a dose of 2 grams / 2 liters of water.· Harvest and Post-harvest (MOA, 2005)The specialty lies in the appearance of orchids current consumption, so the effort to maintain the quality appearance may be the main objective for post-harvest handling and post-production. To carry out such an effort is necessary to understand the various factors that can affect the quality of post-harvest or post-production of orchid plants. Factors affecting post-harvest quality of cut flower orchid flower is the rate of aging, temperature, water and food supply, ethylene and mechanical damage and disease. Meanwhile, affecting among other potted orchid cultivars, growth stadia, light, medium, fertilizer, temperature and duration of the transport.Orchid potsStadia growth (age) beautiful flowering orchid potted plant at the time of sale are the main factors that affect the appearance of these plants indoors. It should be noted that the proper stadia for the marketing depends on the time required to acquire the plant. Generally, plants with many flowers bloom more difficult in the transport, is more sensitive to ethylene and more easily damaged than plants that are transported in stadia that flower bud or flower that blooms percentage is still low.

Advantages and Disadvantages Media OrchidsName Media

· Able to bind and retain water well
· Aeration and drainage well

BUAHPOKER.COM AGEN POKER DOMINO ONLINE UANG ASLI INDONESIA TERPERCAYA TANPA ROBOT · Decayed slowly thus reducing the frequency of change of media
· Mengandunga necessary nutrients orchids
· Preferably ants and other small animals and even microorganismsMoss

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Pertumbuhanya strong and sturdy with large stems and wide leaves.

Pertumbuhanya strong and sturdy with large stems and wide leaves. The fruit is uniform, smooth green skin, yellow flesh, thick and hard. Each plant typically produces approximately 3 pieces weighing approximately 9kg/tanaman. ...
Fill seed is marketed in accordance with the description on the packaging and follow ketentuan2 perbenihan.Benih Chia Tai Seed has been given treatment with pesticides. Wash hands thoroughly with soap after using benih.Jangan ...F1 Hybrid Tomato Seeds (VICTORY)Fruit Vegetable Seeds, Category: Fruit Vegetable Seed
Fill seed is marketed in accordance with the description on the packaging and follow ketentuan2 perbenihan.Benih Chia Tai Seed has been given treatment with pesticides. Wash hands thoroughly with soap after using benih.Jangan ...F1 Hybrid Watermelon Seeds (BALI FLOWWER)Fruit seeds, Category: Fruit Seeds
Fill seed is marketed in accordance with the description on the packaging and follow ketentuan2 perbenihan.Benih Chia Tai Seed has been given treatment with pesticides. Wash hands thoroughly with soap after using benih.Jangan ...Hybrid seed cayenne pepper (Bhaskara)Fruit Vegetable Seeds, Category: Fruit Vegetable Seed
Fill seed is marketed in accordance with the description on the packaging and follow ketentuan2 perbenihan.Benih Chia Tai Seed has been given treatment with pesticides. Wash hands thoroughly with soap after using benih.Jangan ...F1 Hybrid Cucumber Seeds (HARMONY)Fruit Vegetable Seeds, Category: Fruit Vegetable Seed

Vigorous and uniform crop growth, disease tolerant crackle (downy mildew). Plant tetep produce fruit without a big, straight neck though irrigation is less than perfect. Fruit dark green, uniform and not bitter. The length of the fruit less ...Gambas F1 Hybrid Seeds (EZENSA)Fruit Vegetable Seeds, Category: Fruit Vegetable Seed

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Another problem faced by the fishermen who

Another problem faced by the fishermen who lack access to capital so many run to middlemen. Here the early going 'intimidation' middleman that sells fish to fishermen not to TPI, but to middlemen. Middlemen binding fishermen who need capital quickly by selling fish catches on him. Fishermen like it or not, selling the catch to a middleman. Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Uang Asli Indonesia ough fishermen do not feel the loss by selling fish on middlemen for the price being offered is enough for daily needs and pay the debt. Access to apply for business credit (KUR) but some fishermen never felt several months in arrears, so the impact of the banks are reluctant to disburse back KUR, although it has now been repaid tungakannya.
The fishermen say that the delay in payment because there is no income because the weather does not allow to go to sea, usually in December-January. They now seemed closed and difficulty accessing KUR or other bank products. They were asked to look for a special payment scheme for the months of fishermen are not allowed to go to sea.
The banks on the River andes should not generalize the case of late payment on all fishermen. It is expected that the bank gives attention to the smooth sea fishing capital and free of middlemen. Free of middlemen meaning the price of fish at the auction is done at a high price without being able to be played by middlemen.
In addition to the problems of silting Judi Poker Online dan Domino Kiu Kiu Uang Asli Indonesia and access to capital, fishermen also had to face access to diesel fuel outlets within 5 km. If you do not want to pump, fishermen used to buy diesel fuel to retailers are certainly more expensive. At sea fishing requires approximately 20 liters of diesel or Rp 110 thousand if you buy into the retailers to one-way.
In fact, actually has built SPBN (specifically diesel pump fishermen) is about 200 meters from the River TPI andes. SPBN building consists of offices and 5,000 liter tank with a capacitance of 300 meters above land Karawang regency administration, however, because some things are not the way. According to information obtained, when the party pertamina not be sending diesel because diesel prices are soaring, while the cooperative management was less active to inquire and submit to ration diesel Peramina.
In addition, holes in the road infrastructure to the TPI River andes of Karachi City District Government Karachi should be a concern to supporting the advancement of fisheries in the River TPI andes. Road infrastructure has broad impact of transport to facilitate access to transport fish to be distributed to other regions.
Various fisheries development program received a positive response from the public, one of which Tarkiwan, 60 years living in River Near the village, the village of River andes. Once at sea he could carry 5-10 kg of shrimp, tuna and others. "I got a shrimp nets and free the land certificate. We ask given access to capital with different payment schemes for fishermen generally depends on the weather "he said.

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Pineapple is a fruit of a shrub plant that has

Pineapple is a fruit of a shrub plant that has the scientific name Ananas comosus. Having a local name danas (Sunda) and Neneh (Sumatra). In English called the pineapple and Spanish people call it pina. Pineapples are from Brazil (South America) which has been domesticated there before the time of Columbus. In the 16th century the Spanish brought  Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercaya the pineapple to the Philippines and Peninsular Malaysia, to Indonesia in the 15th century, (1599). In Indonesia at first only as garden plants, and extends dikebunkan on dry land (dry land) throughout the archipelago. This plant is now preserved in the tropics and sub-tropics. Pineapple cultivation centers in the world based in the countries of Brazil, Hawaii, South Africa, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Mexico and Puerte Rico. Pineapple plants grown in Asian countries Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia are in northern Sumatra, East Java, Riau, South Sumatra and West Java. In the future so lets provinces to prioritize the development of a pineapple in a larger scale than in previous years. Pineapple harvested area in Indonesia + 165 690 hectares or 25.24% of the target harvest fruits nationwide (657,000 acres). The last few years a pineapple plantation area ranks first out of 13 types of commercial fruits grown in Indonesia.
1.2 Objectives The purpose of this paper is: 1.2.1 To know the history of pineapple 1.2.2 To find out how to pineapple cultivation. 1.2.3 To know the benefits of pineapple 1.2.4 To determine the development of pineapple in Indonesia

A. HISTORY, CLASSIFICATION and MORPHOLOGY PINEAPPLE 1. Historical Plants Pineapples are native to South America, specifically in Brazil. This plant has been cultivated there since the old natives. Then in the 16th century Spaniards brought the pineapple to the Philippines and Peninsular Malaysia, to Indonesia in the 15th century, (1599). 2. Classification and Morphology In the classification or plant systematics (taxonomy), included in the family pineapple bromiliaceae. Relatives close enough pineapple species, especially wild pineapple commonly used as ornamental plants, such as A. braceteatus (Lindl) Schultes, A. Fritzmuelleri, A. The complete, pineapple plant classification is as follows: Kingdom: Plantae (plants) Division: Spermatophyta (seed plants) Class: Angiospermae (seed enclosed) Order: Farinosae (Bromeliales)