Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Another problem faced by the fishermen who

Another problem faced by the fishermen who lack access to capital so many run to middlemen. Here the early going 'intimidation' middleman that sells fish to fishermen not to TPI, but to middlemen. Middlemen binding fishermen who need capital quickly by selling fish catches on him. Fishermen like it or not, selling the catch to a middleman. Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Uang Asli Indonesia ough fishermen do not feel the loss by selling fish on middlemen for the price being offered is enough for daily needs and pay the debt. Access to apply for business credit (KUR) but some fishermen never felt several months in arrears, so the impact of the banks are reluctant to disburse back KUR, although it has now been repaid tungakannya.
The fishermen say that the delay in payment because there is no income because the weather does not allow to go to sea, usually in December-January. They now seemed closed and difficulty accessing KUR or other bank products. They were asked to look for a special payment scheme for the months of fishermen are not allowed to go to sea.
The banks on the River andes should not generalize the case of late payment on all fishermen. It is expected that the bank gives attention to the smooth sea fishing capital and free of middlemen. Free of middlemen meaning the price of fish at the auction is done at a high price without being able to be played by middlemen.
In addition to the problems of silting Judi Poker Online dan Domino Kiu Kiu Uang Asli Indonesia and access to capital, fishermen also had to face access to diesel fuel outlets within 5 km. If you do not want to pump, fishermen used to buy diesel fuel to retailers are certainly more expensive. At sea fishing requires approximately 20 liters of diesel or Rp 110 thousand if you buy into the retailers to one-way.
In fact, actually has built SPBN (specifically diesel pump fishermen) is about 200 meters from the River TPI andes. SPBN building consists of offices and 5,000 liter tank with a capacitance of 300 meters above land Karawang regency administration, however, because some things are not the way. According to information obtained, when the party pertamina not be sending diesel because diesel prices are soaring, while the cooperative management was less active to inquire and submit to ration diesel Peramina.
In addition, holes in the road infrastructure to the TPI River andes of Karachi City District Government Karachi should be a concern to supporting the advancement of fisheries in the River TPI andes. Road infrastructure has broad impact of transport to facilitate access to transport fish to be distributed to other regions.
Various fisheries development program received a positive response from the public, one of which Tarkiwan, 60 years living in River Near the village, the village of River andes. Once at sea he could carry 5-10 kg of shrimp, tuna and others. "I got a shrimp nets and free the land certificate. We ask given access to capital with different payment schemes for fishermen generally depends on the weather "he said.

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