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Then, taukah you what the Latin name of the tea plant

Then, taukah you what the Latin name of the tea plant tea cultivation is a commodity? So far, it seems the Latin name of the plant is healthy not too much is known. Yes, the Latin name of the tea is Camellia sinensis.
Camellia Sinensis is one kind of tree whose leaves can be used as a beverage. Camellia sinensis is the tea tree. The main character in the cultivation of tea. One type of tree whose leaves are widely consumed by people the world over. agen poker online texas poker yang terpercaya  When the cold air, while being entertaining guests, even in some ceremonies, drink this one will always arise. Even be the main drink served. A cup of tea, decent meals and drinks served as a friend in time of family gatherings. Seeing the need of society to such an extent tea, tea cultivation could become a promising business.
The number of people who enjoyed tea making tea cultivation began mushrooming. However, the current production is still dominated by large-scale tea plantations. If you are interested in the cultivation of tea, it's good to recognize the characteristics of tea first.
Tea cultivation Tea Cup Final at
Cultivation of tea of ​​course produce what we call tea. With such processing, the tea turned into a kind of drink quite a lot of rage. Tea is a type of beverage that contains caffeine, but its contents are not for caffeine in coffee. Therefore, tea is rarely mentioned as caffeinated beverages such as coffee.
Everyone has the ways and traditions of brewing tea. To enjoy a cup of tea, leaves, shoots, or stems can be dried directly brewed with hot water. Drink water when steeping tea will taste slightly bitter. However, this is what gave rise to the sensation of taste while enjoying it. Tea cultivation is troublesome that ended with a bitter taste sensation that nourish the body.
To reduce the bitter taste, m Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Uang Asli Indonesia any people add sugar or milk to the steeping water. Water steeping tea mixed with milk beverage consumption has become the Tibetan plateau for the people who later became known as morning tea.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Criteria for breeding good abut abut them mature or older

Criteria for breeding good abut abut them mature or older ( parent tree has been harvested 3-4 times ) , abut 2-5 kg weight , hump or buttresses form of " L " . ( image 1 )2 . Separation abut from the parent tree is done by cutting the neck area of ​​the woody ( hard ) , the roots around the root -like stolons and roots pruned hard to abut the stem 4-5 cm and 30-40 cm cut up ..
Badak88 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014 3 . Abut who have been separated from its mother must be sown immediately ( less than 24 hours ) to increase the percentage of live abut . Abut already dilangsir ( figure 2 ) to the edge of the canal should be moist and shaded to prevent direct sunlight can reduce levels of water abut .4 . Prior to abut arranged in rafts persemain screening should be done based on the freshness of the seeds are characterized by a fresh and shiny midrib , old abut marked by pink color on the buttresses , abut 2-5 kg weight , hump or buttresses form of " L " , the high midrib abut cut to 30-40 cm , sertatidak pests and diseases . ( figure 3 )5 . Having selected abut , abut dipped into a solution of fungicide ( Dithane ) to avoid pests or fungus . Dose of fungicide solution used is 2 grams / liter or 2 cc / liter of water . Long soaking the seeds in the solution ± 2-5 min ( Fig. 4 ) .6 . Nursery system that we do is the nursery raft on the canal with flowing water . Sago palm frond raft older adults . Raft measuring 2.5 x 1 merer which can accommodate 70-80 depending on the size of the buttresses abut . ( Figure 5 ) .7 . Abut sowing in the raft for 3 months . Seeding is too long will be difficult for the transport process , since abut too big . Abut growth in the nursery often not uniform ( Figure 6 ) .8 . Prior planted , trimmed sheath abut first leaves to reduce evaporation . Spacing sago used usually 8 x 8 m or 10 x 10 m and a hole the size of 30x30x30 cm . Time rainy season planting should be done .

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Labor abut decision until the nursery is about citizen are Kp sago plantation . New and Kepau Bay , New Kepau village . Contract labor system , ie there is a contractor with a minimum of 10 members , while the BHL system for maintenance workers ( day laborers ) .

Saturday, May 10, 2014

In one hectare , ideally plant population is

In one hectare , ideally plant population is 500-600 trees , or planting distance of about 7 x 3 meters . Spacing is not standard , but can be adjusted according to local conditions . To boost the results according to the type of latex / clones that have been recommended by the government . The offspring of superior clones wereKontes Seo 2014  obtained by vegetative propagation . For these clones , divided into three , namely latex -producing clones . Timber clones and clones producing latex and wood as well .
Tapping process becomes important in the cultivation of rubber trees . Tapping is the process of opening the latex vessels in the bark so swift flowing sap . This process must be done with care - care and in accordance with applicable atural . Errors in tapping the trees can be damaged and stop producing latex at the time was not yet.
As industrial and economic growth in the world , will kebuthan natural rubber ( rubber ) as industrial materials will continue to rise , while the rubber plantations increasingly limited so karetpun commodity prices will continue to rise . Statistic world rubber prices last ten years from the year 2000 - 2010 showed an increase in average per year - average about 20 % , and the average price - average for the year 2011 alone reached USD 4.5 ( source Indexmundo ) . Latex production per unit area in a given period of time is influenced by several factors , among others, used clone clones , land suitability and agroklimatologi , i
Agen Bola Indonesiammature plant maintenance , and system management and other tapping . Assuming that pengeloan smallholdings can meet all the criteria set out in the technical culture of rubber above , the estimated production can be carried out with reference to the production standards issued by the Estates Department or Rubber Research Institute .

Thursday, May 1, 2014

In order to cultivate the coffee

In order to cultivate the coffee , in addition to pay attention to the climate and the types and varieties to be planted , also be aware of the works to be carried out , such as :
A. Coffee Plant BreedingSeedlings to be planted may come from :


Seeds ( zaaling ) , breeding in genertaif .
Connection or cuttings , vegetative propagation .
Breeding seeds of the coffee plant tissue culture .
Read more »Bernadinus Posted by Migo at 23:54 0 commentsEmail This BlogThis Share to Twitter Share to FacebookBagikan to PinterestSaturday, November 17, 2012EFFECT OF WEATHER , CLIMATE and PLANTS1 . Influence of climate on crop production .Results of a type of plant bergantug on the interaction between genetic factors and environmental factors such as soil type , topography , management , climate patterns and technology . Of the environmental factors , the land factor is the main capital . The ground state is strongly influenced by climate elements , ie rain , temperature and humidity . Influence is sometimes advantageous but not infrequently also detrimental .Lang land differentiate into two types , namely :

Climate Soil type , soil formation is influenced by rainfall and temperature . Lang made ​​a term called the rain factor with the formula : R = r / t

Leaf rust disease ( HV ) . Usually attacking arabica plants . Symptoms of its presence can be seen from the surface of leaves experiencing yellow spots , the longer became dark yellow . Can be avoided by planting Arabica coffee altitude of 1000 meters above sea level. Other control can be done by spraying chemicals , selecting superior varieties , and technical culture .
Disease nematode attack . Mostly found in the centers of robusta coffee plantations . This attack can reduce production by 78 % . Control of this disease can be done by connecting plants with nematode resistant rootstock .
For more details on pests and diseases in crops of coffee , please read the article coffee pest and disease control .Harvest and post-harvest

Jual Tas Online MurahIntensively cultivated plants are able to bear fruit at the age of 2.5-3 years for Robusta and Arabica for 3-4 years . The first harvest is usually not too much , the productivity of the coffee plant will reach its peak at the age of 7-9 years .