Saturday, May 10, 2014

In one hectare , ideally plant population is

In one hectare , ideally plant population is 500-600 trees , or planting distance of about 7 x 3 meters . Spacing is not standard , but can be adjusted according to local conditions . To boost the results according to the type of latex / clones that have been recommended by the government . The offspring of superior clones wereKontes Seo 2014  obtained by vegetative propagation . For these clones , divided into three , namely latex -producing clones . Timber clones and clones producing latex and wood as well .
Tapping process becomes important in the cultivation of rubber trees . Tapping is the process of opening the latex vessels in the bark so swift flowing sap . This process must be done with care - care and in accordance with applicable atural . Errors in tapping the trees can be damaged and stop producing latex at the time was not yet.
As industrial and economic growth in the world , will kebuthan natural rubber ( rubber ) as industrial materials will continue to rise , while the rubber plantations increasingly limited so karetpun commodity prices will continue to rise . Statistic world rubber prices last ten years from the year 2000 - 2010 showed an increase in average per year - average about 20 % , and the average price - average for the year 2011 alone reached USD 4.5 ( source Indexmundo ) . Latex production per unit area in a given period of time is influenced by several factors , among others, used clone clones , land suitability and agroklimatologi , i
Agen Bola Indonesiammature plant maintenance , and system management and other tapping . Assuming that pengeloan smallholdings can meet all the criteria set out in the technical culture of rubber above , the estimated production can be carried out with reference to the production standards issued by the Estates Department or Rubber Research Institute .

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