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In order to cultivate the coffee

In order to cultivate the coffee , in addition to pay attention to the climate and the types and varieties to be planted , also be aware of the works to be carried out , such as :
A. Coffee Plant BreedingSeedlings to be planted may come from :


Seeds ( zaaling ) , breeding in genertaif .
Connection or cuttings , vegetative propagation .
Breeding seeds of the coffee plant tissue culture .
Read more »Bernadinus Posted by Migo at 23:54 0 commentsEmail This BlogThis Share to Twitter Share to FacebookBagikan to PinterestSaturday, November 17, 2012EFFECT OF WEATHER , CLIMATE and PLANTS1 . Influence of climate on crop production .Results of a type of plant bergantug on the interaction between genetic factors and environmental factors such as soil type , topography , management , climate patterns and technology . Of the environmental factors , the land factor is the main capital . The ground state is strongly influenced by climate elements , ie rain , temperature and humidity . Influence is sometimes advantageous but not infrequently also detrimental .Lang land differentiate into two types , namely :

Climate Soil type , soil formation is influenced by rainfall and temperature . Lang made ​​a term called the rain factor with the formula : R = r / t

Leaf rust disease ( HV ) . Usually attacking arabica plants . Symptoms of its presence can be seen from the surface of leaves experiencing yellow spots , the longer became dark yellow . Can be avoided by planting Arabica coffee altitude of 1000 meters above sea level. Other control can be done by spraying chemicals , selecting superior varieties , and technical culture .
Disease nematode attack . Mostly found in the centers of robusta coffee plantations . This attack can reduce production by 78 % . Control of this disease can be done by connecting plants with nematode resistant rootstock .
For more details on pests and diseases in crops of coffee , please read the article coffee pest and disease control .Harvest and post-harvest

Jual Tas Online MurahIntensively cultivated plants are able to bear fruit at the age of 2.5-3 years for Robusta and Arabica for 3-4 years . The first harvest is usually not too much , the productivity of the coffee plant will reach its peak at the age of 7-9 years .

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