Monday, June 30, 2014

then prepare a nest or fibers in the enclosure

then prepare a nest or fibers in the enclosure for cattle size is not so important issue is not too small for the space for the birds, in the afternoon when it mate unite male and female canaries and save the most good stuck on the wall,DAUNPOKER.NET AGEN POKER DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERBAIK TERBESAR DAN TERPERCAYA
Sometimes we can not wait to see and observe birds, KN which will soon spawn him haul fiber overfeed females and males, if the cage is already a dab neat round shape no longer spawn the process of pairing females 5 days to 10 days bertelor birds and birds counted from the first day bertelor the male should be separated when the egg is 1 or 3 and keep separate krodong his manly that not only memangil2 females and vice versa, and it's also how the character of the bird KN can be separated or on leave, my experience in the united puppies died because trampled breeders and male .
and the eggs hatch in 14 days erami eg 1st first egg out of date 14-15 eggs hatch and the following day her if there are late hatching wrote overlay can use a flashlight or glow when black let it go ahead if it was not clear in buahi throw it, and provide nutrients and vitamins to the breeders to stay fit and healthy puppies, in the age of 5-7 days can wear the ring as a sign of hehehee rancher

if it fails try again and make a lesson, but in fact success is NOT HIS!!
usually 28-30 days after seedling can be separated from the parent and the parent can be farmed again ..
good luck and good luck berexperime key to success is patience and do not forget to pray first in menernak bird ..

Having seen both the walnut pillars, we must pay attention to the content of the female's nest. Take a dirty nest and replace with a clean slate. And we save some of the contents nest at the base of the cage, because the content is usually nest in the bottom of the cage will be moved back into the nest. To spruce up the nest to make it look beautiful, usually walnuts finely plucked females like males walnuts or walnut fuzz from the female's own. If in the existing nest fluff, then sign soon will bertelor female parent. To speed up the process and reduce the risk of injury bertelor because fluff plucked, we can enter into a cage of fine cotton as a substitute to taste the fuzz.

Similarly, success tips and how livestock farming walnuts that I can give to the novice breeder who stopped by this blog. Hope it can enhance the success of a walnut farm for all of you who intend to become a hobby and a reliable breeder canary. Other breeders, the other way. Do not be discouraged if you fail a walnut farm. Because of the failures we can learn and gain the experience. Remember, patience will bear fruit is sweet. No exception to the cultivation of a canary bird kenari.TIPS CATTLE FOR BEGINNERS

In breeding canaries there are several factors that must be considered is the age of walnuts, gender, means of supporting livestock and animal science. Agen Judi Bola Resmi Taruhan Judi online Terpercaya


Age be the determining factor in the success or failure of breeding canaries, age is not the best in the breeding too young or not too old. Walnut ready cattle for a minimum of 6 months and 8 months female canary for the canary males, but to a large walnut and its derivatives such as Yorkshire lust a little slow at least 1 year of age.


You as a breeder must master traits canary male or female, in determining the sex of walnuts is quite difficult for beginners but for senior hobis very easy to specify them enough notice of posture canary although in certain cases there is a walnut Sometimes very difficult to determine the type of sex.
The main characteristics:

1. Walnuts male young age ± 1.5 months of age or older have started to learn the sound / ngriwik.
2. Ukuan body / body tends to lean males (lengthwise), neck rather long, if the female body looks somewhat rounded.
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3. Anus males when viewed (by the way that the feather blown around not blocking) stand upright / vertical, if the female reverse / horizontal.
4. The adult males rang loud and ngeroll.

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