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In how to grow roses in pots,

In how to grow roses in pots, can be performed or propagated by cuttings, seeds, and some are doing with grafting. However, from the way bebragia, plant propagation is most easily done by stem cuttings. This method does not require special treatment, pengerjaanya fast and simple. Also, it can make a flower with many multiplication.
Planting potted roses can be done if there is no special place or places in the park enough. Here are tips on planting roses in pots:
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     Take cuttings of seedlings to be planted in pots. Try to take at the center but not far from the base. Do not plant parts or eventually those who are young, because the tip of the rose plant, not able to adapt well to the environment because the plants are still young tissue. Planting the end, it is rarely successful
     Provide pots, both made of ceramic, cement, clay, or plastic.
     Provide black soil, or used burning. Black soil taken at the top of top-soilnya ata. Provide compost, sand each 1:1: 1/4 Plants Roses are plants that are much liked by everyone, especially by teenagers, because roses have high aesthetic element for a person who saw it. Rose plants are ornamental plants plant sale price was fairly stable, especially. and in pembudidayaanna is not too difficult, because it's a lot of people are successful with this ornamental planting roses.

     History of Rose Plants

A rose is a shrub of genusRosa well as the name of this plant produced flowers. Wild roses which consists of more than 100 species mostly grown in the northern hemisphere the valve cool. Species roses are generally a thorny shrub or climbing plant that can reach 2 to 5 meters. Although rare, high plant climbing roses in other plants bisamencapai 20 meters.
Most species have leaves that are between 5-15 cm, two-two opposite (pinnate). Each compound leaf petiole is composed of at least 3 or 5 to 9 or 13 children leaves and leaf leverage (stipules) oval, pertulangan pinnate, beringgit edge edge, tapering at the ends of the leaves and thorny stems close to the ground. Rose was not really tropical plants, most species shed their leaves all over and only a few species in the Southeast Asian evergreen throughout the year. Agen Casino Online Terpercaya
Roses flourish in temperate regions although some cultivars are the result of joining methods (grafting) can be grown in subtropical climates to the tropics. In addition as cut flowers, roses have many benefits, including anti-depressants, antiviral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and a source of vitamin C. Rose oil is one of the acyl atsirih oil distillation and evaporation leaves so that the crown can be made into perfume. Rose can also be used for tea, jelly, and marmalade.

  1. Varieties of cut roses are widely known among Indonesia, namely:

     Queen marry
     Purple, etc..

  2. Techniques Cultivation Rose, Covers:
1. Preparation of Land
              Tillage is a tillage or preparing land for new planting medium used for the plants to grow better with nutrients more willing.

2. Preparation Seed
              Preparation of seed / seedling is the provision of seeds to be used as planting material.

   3. Planting Seeds Agen Casino Online Terpercaya
         Planting seeds is the removal of the polybag to planting new media with the aim to optimize the growth of these plants. Spacing used in the raised bed is 20x20 cm and the distance between beds is estimated at 50 cm.
   4. Maintenance of plant
                   - pengepelan
              Pengepelan is the disposal of old leaf stalks the very bottom of the range of 2-3 leaves from the bottom.
             - Pewiwilan
                Disposal Pewiwilan is growing interest on the part of the stalk pembendingan.
             - Pembendingan is perundukan stem roses on stems that grow on the main stem (trunk grafting), in order to grow new buds on the stalk pembendingan.


        Agribusiness Sector

                     To do business development related to the farming of ornamental plants roses and cut roses is actually only with adequate maintenance and peng Agen Casino Online Terpercayaintensifan treatment (thorough, diligence etc.), Rose plants have been able to benefit many times for entrepreneurs.

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