Wednesday, April 2, 2014

But I did not experience any of that

But I did not experience any of that . Friends and companions still have , but can be counted on the fingers Dech , just how much his friends , let alone friends . And this is true in the current gathering of alumni , both junior and senior high school . Walah , ga banyakan know her bow ... But still want to follow if there is a reunion wrote that. Gapapa hard gamma dah , let me know too many ga , acquaintances wrote fitting reunion . Easy , right?
And most sadly yaa the number 2 . Falling in
Cheap SEO Services  love does often , but not ever had a boyfriend . Hwaa ... Just because of one reason , I'm not pretty , even far from pretty . Hikhikhik ... sad .
Adolescence is a period of upheaval , where the love comes from the eyes down to the heart , not of the heart , spread throughout the body , including the eyes . If love starts from the eye , hassle dah , which is far from pretty like me Look, do not ever expect glance at the boys . Because instinctively , every man loves beauty , and that beauty can be seen yaa . If you've seen guns wrote beautiful , yaa already , resigned aja dah . After all , I was also so , who should preferably good-looking , handsome deh . If too much of the handsome love going ga . So the story goes , once it I just fell in love doang , but none are so ga girlfriend . Kasian yah ?
Past half-cooked , about IslamEits .. do weird thinking was yes . Muslim since I was born , because my parents converted to Islam , Alhamdulillaah , and I'm Muslim too automatically . But like most boys that exist in our country , not necessarily Muslims about Islam . But if someone asked , he said Islam , used to write a diary of his day - happy friend has a diary then disebarin to my friends , co-exist and rhymes bio - Islamic religion , make ID cards as well , so fitting , Islamic writings . But yes a Muslim doang . Just know the pillars of Islam and the pillars of faith - because time is of the Koran in the landfill was told to memorize the two pillars . If Muslims have to pray 5 times , should the Koran , and others . Merely wrote outer skin .
In the past , because I'm not pretty , I was trying to wear
Pasang Iklan Gratis the veil , uh , looh passable , passable . : p It makes me want to continue to use deh . Pas grade 2 high school I moved , but still do not understand the meaning of the actual move . Wearing the veil just to cover up flaws wrote .

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