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And certainly easier time monitoring and treatment .

And certainly easier time monitoring and treatment .

A variety of crops cultivation using the most common vertikultur system derived from vegetables , ornamental plants , and some medicinal plants . Kinds of vegetables can be cultivated among others pakcoi , spinach , spinach , basil , mustard, chives , celery , onion pre . Vegetables that we have described can be easily grown in vertikultur system and placed in the grounds of the house. Although farmers can not plant them easily, even for family requirements can be met , and can harvested at any time. Up to pressing family production budget to meet daily nutritional needs .
There are 4 kinds of models planting or crop cultivation t Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia  hat is workable vertikultur

models hanging
models paste
upright models
model shelves

Manufacturing Process Platform

Prepared material is made ​​of container crops rectangular water channel which is usually placed on the roof of the house to launch rainwater. Chamfer length of 150 cm 3 , respectively - give their gutters underneath holes and closed on both sides .
How to make shelves. Prepare the wood lath 1 m x 5 sticks. 1 mx 3 round wooden sticks , 60 cm x 2 sticks , 45 cm x 2 sticks , 30 cm x 2 pcs . Tata in such a way the result like the picture below.

How Raising CropsRaising Crops
Composition of Media Cultivation :

Mix ground cousin comparatively stable with 1 : 1
As a direct result put into containers made ​​from gutter water was prepared as described Manufacturing Process Platform
How to Plant In the Media Vertikultur

There are several types of crops that can be planted directly in the water gutters media such as spinach and spinach . As for the chili , eggplant , peppers , and mustard seeds should be embedded in advance, but to slowly narrow it is so troublesome to choose which kind of vegetable crops such as spinach and spinach leaves
If you're curious to planting chili, eggplant , and peppers menyemainya following way . Soak the seeds in warm water ± 50 º C for 1 hour . Sow in a plastic tub in the form of planting media , having grown leaves off - about 4-5 pieces , seeds can be directly transferred to the water gutters .
The transfer process should be done with the heart - the heart , as much as possible to defend the land that remains attached to the plant roots . Embed neck root crop up in the afternoon or morning.
In addition there is the last stage of crop cultivation that is a very important process of preservation . Well, to keep the plants that should be noted is compulsory crops watered 2 times a day, morning and afternoon , needed stitching if any dead plants , using fertilizer liquid NPK fertilization , pest and disease are also needed by plucking or cutting the plants die . That's information we can provide about How to crop cultivation .

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